The Music Factory

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 Proposal for the realization of a musical project for the promotion of art and music quality  
 Music Factory wants to be an instrument to promote quality music and its artists who compose and play. Music Factory to be understood as a large factory where there is an assembly line and each has its own task in order to obtain the final product.    
The Project   
Life Group    

                                                             THE PROJECT    
The idea of creating a music factory as a means of promoting music goes back   
many years ago already when we talked about opportunities to promote and provide support to 
artists and music in the first place, in fact, this project is born from the music and those who make it, that is, the artists and the artists who will develop mainly across the idea that you think may be different from other initiatives more or less similar all over the world, the strength of this project are the artists themselves will not be the usual names "Popular", since it is known that these artists have over time carved out a significant proportion of public and market and will certainly not need to be interested in this project, however they will not be precluded, however, opportunities to take part, even in this respect could be an added value to our organization by providing the right amount of  experience  and  expertise  to  develop  new  opportunities  and  always  strive  for  new  musical horizons, this project is primarily targeted to artists and bands that do not enjoy this reputation and it is with their experience and expertise that will create various activities to promote the music but also to promote it.To start this project does not need money at an early stage or start-up will be replaced with the physical input from all those who claim to be part of making available to suit your ability, tools, furniture, and anything else that might be useful the creation of this project on a 
physical, not economic, donations may be accepted in terms of money that will be used expressly for the purpose of our community and always under the watchful eye of a manager who will work on their proper use; everyone can actively contribute to this project by sending money, securities of furniture (chairs, armchairs, tables, etc.) equipment (computers, monitors, mixers, etc.) and so will be useful to reach the final, but always under the eye attention of a manager who will work on the proper use, have a place to create all this is fundamental, and then the physical location and indispensable to realize our music factory do not need a "castle", and any appropriate place is sufficient to contain all the equipment and furnishings for our use, a shed, a garage, an apartment large enough or otherwise, will be more than enough to realize our idea, and every member of this Music Factory will own a piece of property that is a simple citizen, a businessman, an industrialist, etc., but also the artists themselves will own a piece of this structure with the aim of becoming one big family reasons and in this way their presence within the structure. A significant part of this structure will be dedicated to the creation of musical events in terms of social solidarity (fundraising for charities or associations) special musical events to coincide with major issues of international significance (catastrophic events, earthquakes), but not all those social initiatives that will develop and all this under the guidance of an "observer" who will lead the organizational life and will handle all aspects important goal ... and also get in touch with the hospitals where there are children with 
serious illnesses and they bring some 'joy to play with initiatives designed to promote the hospital (the use of clowns, a balloon artists, etc.). As you can imagine this project and also a source of employment opportunities where inside you will see several professionals with specific skills in music, administrative, legal, security, marketing experts, computer, etc., but not all professionals to be found in our within our families and friends closer, and this precisely because the very nature o its implementation, we need to be a big family. Of course it is understood that early on there was someone willing to fund or contribute to our project will welcome him and give due importance it deserves in these cases. The entire project must be regulated properly by all U.S. laws or the host country. It has therefore become necessary to consult lawyers about the legal aspects and to avoid obstacles,  and  accountants  or  accountants  for  the  financial  and  fiscal  obstacles  to  avoid  or circumvent the laws of that country require U.S. or, in this short and our project but certainly not all since it requires a physical meeting to discuss everything here was not expressly stated to integrate, and where necessary changes to make it closer and scope of the music and the artists who create the music and play. We are sure that anyone who reads these lines will understand the potential of 
a similar project, and include the important reasons that make women who will be interested in offering a valuable contribution to this project that was behind the music.    
 As we have amply shown in the introductory phase of this project, the same tense and the appreciation of music and smooth jazz genre as a principal, but also interested in everything that is synonymous with quality music, the artists' talent, experience and professionalism 
of the artists themselves, and a project that has as its basis the Smooth Jazz genre as the main 
interest but also to other musical genres such as New Age, Chillout, Nu Jazz, World Music, etc., but also pop music, and our belief when the music and good music is worth listening to promote, support and live it.This project has the main objective to promote quality music created and played by artists who are part of it, and that, in our facility to produce and promote it, has the ambition to offer and promote, through all useful initiatives that together you are going to study, aimed at promoting our artists and our music. As we have mentioned, the basic purpose and the music and our artists who belong to them and develop all that music can offer. Create professional opportunities for artists to create work opportunities in various fields of the structure, create events in various ways and for various charitable purposes and not only spread the music not only as an audience but as a tool for learning to play music, create courses to understand the music, creating courses for teaching the use of musical instruments, etc., that's what it means to us The Music Factory just like in a factory where there is an assembly line and each has its role to the achievement of the final product for us and the promotion of quality music created by our artists who will benefit from the opportunities it will offer them.    
The main objective of our facility will be the promotion of our artists through all possible channels, through all the possibilities that technology offers us (internet for example), and through implementation of music events and participation in musical events of various kinds and other purposes or the presence of our artists in web radio or FM radio. This project is  ambitious,  and aims to achieve various social and economic in addition to a wide audience 
"hungry" for quality music, from personal experience made it and found what the public needs to tell the good music, hungry for Quality music and what we offer and making it a valuable reference point for all. The music and artists are our main focus but we must learn to ask the part of the listener and the only way we will be successful in our project, not always a specific track of music that we like must necessarily also like your music, for to be successful you have to put in the shoes of those who listen to the radio and interpret the tastes and aspirations, we believe that the Smooth Jazz genre is far from dead and for two main reasons: the first because the experience with Smooth Jazz Radio Channel first and Radio Indie International later, it was found and then verify that this is a genre still pleasant to listen to the public and still be sold commercially. Secondly it may seem a dead genre, and this may depend on the geographic location or a music market is now flat and firm on the same artists, and here comes into play and The Music Factory offering alternatives and artistically valid as opposed to the names currently in movement.    
The purpose of our initiative is not only an end in itself or solely to the promotion of music, 
but also and especially to research, create new synergies, and our idea to be in many more it will be easier to achieve our performance targets and quantitative synergy for us to say to the group and just like in a group set the stage for new opportunities for comparison and construction of new initiatives and more likely to become less self-confrontation on the themes and content.    
                       LIFE GROUP   
The Music Factory will be for all those who will sit there like a big family where there are no general or soldiers, but all will be architects of their own destiny and realize the objectives; 
will be established deadline to establish opportunities for meetings and conferences to make the 
situation and to discuss new initiatives and the creation of themed meetings with leisure facilities, what we call dinner, will certainly cause for leisure, meeting and debate as well as the time devoted to planning.    
Bringing Smooth Jazz artist in the world to expand the genre. The artist is a talent that is fascinating in the first place, with its sounds, the melody, he is able to make a significant  
contribution to this genre.    
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As not mentioned here, see the first meeting to integrate good and where necessary to amend all or part of this document