Artist Of The Week

Delon White is a talented singer, songwriter, producer and performer of R&B, Soul and Jazz music. Whom became influenced by the Jackson 5 around the age of nine which started Delon off as many did by singing along and dancing to records and learning his voice.

In 1988 Delon was apart of a group called FLAYRE, with the sounds of the popular group known as Troop and mixed with vocals of DeBarge , Which lead the group a recording contract with well known record industry veteran Tony Rose who also worked with many in the music industry.. Later on in the 90s Delon joined another Boston area vocal group called RAW VIBEZ. The group was had a blend of some 90s R&B Groups Such As Jodeci, and Boyz To Men. They worked with well known producer Ric Poulin who owns Bristol Studios. They were part of a compilation tape called PORTRAITS OF THE CITY which came out locally through Ric Poulin's Mona Lisa Records. The song was called "TAKE ME AWAY" which you can hear Delon on the chorus and bridge.

Years later Delon Relocated to Houston, TX. with his family, Delon would sing in local churches and shows through AFTON working on his solo efforts. He ended up doing hook work for local Houston Hip Hop artist EMPHAMOUS B and co starred in videos "A DREAM", "DO IT BIG" and "TAKE ME BY THE HAND" on YouTube which has several thousand views. He also did several live performances with Emphamous B. Through his job St Lukes Episcopal Hospital he joined their choir and sang lead on FOX 26 live tv during the Christmas holidays with a viewership of 98 thousand people.

Later Tate Music Group out of Oklahoma contacted him about doing a project. Eventually Delon produced along with other producers such as Clay "Big Daddy Cee" Gittens, ArcAngelo Gorgoni, Brian "Unkle Funk" Poe his first official album SOUL SESSION VOL 1 which came out world wide September 2014. He was able to get airplay on various internet radio stations and shows including, Lady Mamalade show on Regina Records Radio, Lady Flava show on Blog Talk Radio, Jango, iHeartRadio, as well as FM Stations in San Antonio for his song "Saturday and Sunday".

In 2016 Delon starred in a healthcare video produced by CHI St Lukes called "DELIRIUM "THRILLER" STYLE" which at one point had over 18 Thousand views. It was a take on Michael Jacksons THRILLER which was very well received in the healthcare community. He also musically produced a separate Delirium song for another healthcare video which is also on YouTube. Delon submitted a EP version of his SOUL SESSION VOL 1 album with five songs to AKADEMIA AWARDS and won BEST EP R&B/SOUL for February 2016. He also earned a feature article in SOULetter MAGAZINE volume 42.

Currently Delon has a new exciting album called “THE ELECTRIC LOVE MOMENT” which consists of songs that shows his amazing vocal capabilities to smooth sounds of R&B, Soul, touches of Jazz, Funk even Reggae. Delon wanted this album to embrace “LOVE”. Producers are Delon White, ArcAngelo Gorgoni and Vince "PUNCHO" Bonham. One of the songs, "ALL I WANNA DO IS SEE YOU SMILE" produced by Vince "PUNCHO" Bonham

Delon just linked up with AMBYENT RECORDS CEO and Producer Stephen Jerome Ferguson. Delon has his DAYSO Music productions and is a BMI member as well. With his many musical accomplishments he plans on delivering even more for the adult contemporary audience and hopefully encourage the younger generation to listen to his music and sound , and see the dedication that comes from creating real music.