Radio Indie International network has no sponsor because it is itself sponsor of itself ... we do not want to share money with those who have only economic interests forgetting the purpose for which they are working! However, it is our pleasant thought that all the donations that come to us are absolutely voluntary by the artists themselves or by those who represent them. In fact, all the donations that come are totally invested in the artistic promotion of the artists and their music of quality ... for the management of the administration and of everything that is technically necessary for a correct and precise functioning of the administrative and promotional sector . We like to know, and that's how the donated money is invested by artists and for themselves ... helping us simply means offering us the opportunity to offer you a qualitatively and quantitatively valid service. Every little drop creates an ocean, and we want to be the ship that, along with the artists, sees on this immense sea.For all our services useful to Promote your music, we ask a simple monthly donation of only 10$; a minimum voluntary donation and you feel free to donate a sum even more high if you wish it, it will be much appreciated; you never have to sign a contract with us, this is not Necessary, this is not required, but we want you can think of to help, a little help for us is very important. Help us, it means help yourself to make your own great music ...

For Donation means a strictly voluntary payment of a sum with a minimum of $10 monthly.

Radio Indie International NetworkIn addition to artist promotion services for music quality and independent artists since 2008, for our Official Donors are added the services listed below...

Donations are used solely for the regular operation of hardware to Enhance and extend the objectives of our radio station, and the administrative and management costs of our server for the streaming flow.If you find our service useful and want to support our Efforts, please consider donating it via PayPal.


All those who donate 50$ or a larger sum, will be Recognized as an official donor Radio Indie International Network. The donation of $50 is only one-off and will entitle you to be recognized as an Official Donor.

Recurring donations

The applicants donations are intentionally smaller Amounts That can be paid to the Radio Indie International Network and not less than 10$. They will automatically renew every month, the unless you cancel your subscription. Once you have donated 50$ or more, please send us an e-mail with receipts [email protected]


By donating all the artists will enjoy the services listed below:

• Full airplay 24/7-365 in Dolby Hi Fi System (our music random broadcasting system Guarantees for each track a minimum of two (2) passages in the day to the benefit of each artist himself).

• Comprehensive and professional support through every channel available to us and contact providing greater visibility for each artist included in our Roster.

• Creation of any possible connection between artists to Encourage any and fruitful collaborations.

• Participation in musical events created by Radio Indie International Network or other components of the network itself.

• Inclusion of Their music directly to members Radio, TV, etc. That make up the network.

• On request we can create music videos by Following The characteristics, tastes and reports of any artist who wishes The Music Factory Video Production and Voted to do this.

• Personal communications, reports, approval ratings and any other useful information rightfully two to each artist.

• Organization of targeted interviews, through one of the partners associated with us.

• Become a privileged member of "The Music's Everywhere Project"

• Free inclusion in our Digital Store to increase sales of your music.

• All other activities related Exclusively to the promotion of art every artist.

Notes: Radio Indie International Network can be heard on TuneIn, Rad.io and any device capable of spreading our flow stream and through applications for OS Android, Apple etc., available for free download right here: http://tunein.com/get-tunein or http://radioindieinternational.radio.net/app with broadcasts 24/7. You can also listen to our radio station dedicated entirely to music Lounge, Chillout, Ambient also 24/7-365. Check it out.

It is also possible to listen to us on every device that can be connected via internet...please visit our dedicated section for more detailed information vTuner.

Radio Indie International Network

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