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Radio Indie International Network is a myriad of information and support

Our first goal is to offer support to all independent artists who need it; We do this since 2008 and we have chosen to devote all our knowledge, experience, professionalism acquired over the year for this purpose only; our intervention is made after a careful selection of the hundreds of music tracks that we receive every day, assessed by our manager for selections taking care to maintain the same musical line with other tracks already present in the playlist; Our experience leads us to declare that our support brings many benefits recognized by the artists themselves and can be simplified in: increased sales of their music, increased visibility, concrete opportunities for collaborations with other artists themselves, achieving the goals that every The artist receives, enjoying our total support. We offer the opportunity to introduce our music through a team, a well-established and well-structured network in addition to some partners connected with us to achieve results that are hard to obtain without a valid promotional support. Through our radio station, every artist has the assurance that their music will be heard in over 100 countries around the world. Additional benefits are offered to all artists who choose to become our Official Donor by adding promotional services, other specific music support, achieving unthinkable results.


Since 2008, when our project comes to life, many artists have benefited from our support; 

Through the vTuner platform from your TV choose vTuner and then the logo of our station or write the name if it does not appear in the list.

Radio Indie International Network, on the one hand, exclusively, as already mentioned, to the artistic and musical promotion of independent artists and their music of quality; Our expertise and professionalism have made the rest of the story ... the streaming flow of Radio Indie International Network currently reaches over 40 countries around the world and we are listening to offices, shopping centers, gyms, health centers, and All the places where you can get an internet connection ... you can enjoy our music even through our smartphone applications, Iphone, Windows Phone etc.

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Will Downing

You Can Know Enjoy Your Lunch with The Prince of Sophisticated Soul. Beginning at 12:00 pm EST and at 6 pm UTC/GMT on Radio Indie International Network!
Also Join Us Every Thursday Beginning at 6 pm EST 12:am UTC/GMT.  


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