Angelo Petruzzi

Angelo Petruzzi

Angelo Petruzzi was born in Turin (Italy) and attended studies to achieve specific marketing and management techniques; His studies were subsequently refined in the USA by attending a marketing and management course at Phoenix University in Arizona in 2010. Since 2008 he has been the director of Smooth Jazz Radio Channel until 2012. In 2013, he concludes his experience with Smooth Jazz Radio Channel. Since 2013, Radio Indie International Network has replaced the previous experience through this new reality, we are in a position to provide total support to independent artists. The passion for music has accompanied the idea of creating something new and qualitatively valid throughout his life, offering many artists in these years great opportunities to achieve opportunities for collaboration and important professional opportunities. Among its achievements in recent years, it is necessary to highlight the implementation of Petruzzi Entertainment, which includes the Petruzzi Entertainment Cinema Promotion dedicated to the enhancement of actors, actresses of cinema, TV and so on.Passion and his personal commitment to the activities he is responsible for makes it a valuable point of reference for artists looking for something truly unique and different from other existing realities. 

Founder at Petruzzi Entertainment Cinema Promotions
Chief executive officer at The Music's Everywhere Project
Actor at Bunker - Aryan Dimension - The Movie
Administrative Manager at Olimpia FILM
Director & Music Selection at Radio Indie International Lounge Network
Creator at The Music Factory Project
C.E.O. at Radio Indie International Network
Talent Agent at Smooth Jazz Directory
CEO at Petruzzi Entertainment
CEO & Founder at smoothjazz radio channel
Previously Talent Agent at Jazz From Hell
Previously Member at BeatLounge Records
He studied Business and Management at The University of Melbourne
He studied Management at the University of Phoenix
He attended High School of Performing Arts

[email protected]

VP Petruzzi Entertainment And Liaison for Radio Indie International Network USA

MC Andrew Love

MC Andrew Love’s love for music has brought him to perform on many stages throughout his school years. His inspirations in music are many but the ones who stood out were New Edition, Michael Jackson, an quite recently The Weeknd.
In 2018, MC Andrew Love founded Urban JunXon Entertainment.
Urban JunXon Entertainment was formed to give those artists who have a passion for the arts a platform.
UJE has since its inception has formed working relationships with artists such as S.Dot, Mac The M.C., Lock7, Slick Fashionz, QDC, T.Savvy, T.Y Vegas, T.Y. The Gift and Swayve Mente.
MC Andrew Love has a passion for finding artists who are creative and forward thinking.
In 2020, MC Andrew Love released his first studio album, The Love Train.
MC Andrew Love is currently working on a new project called Passion Paintings.
MC Andrew Love is VP of Petruzzi Entertainment USA division and is the representative for RIIN USA.

Business Contact
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GR MUSICA (GR MUSIC) deals with the production, promotion and distribution of projects by emerging artists, mostly of the indie genre. He has released the two albums by Carmen ( second ranked) Amici 2018 Italian TV Talent Show.

GIANNI RODO EDIZIONI (GIANNI RODO EDITIONS) is instead active on the music publishing front, born in 2014, the company has 4 participations in Sanremo Giovani ( 2014 Vadim, 2015 Amara, 2016 Miele, 2016 Mahmoud ), to Sanremo Big ( 2017 Fiorella Mannoia's song "Che sia benedetta" ) as well as being present in the albums of Fiorella Mannoia, Emma Marrone, Giordana Angi, Elodie, Carmen, Gerardina Trovato. It also follows the editorial development of the new generations of Italian singer-songwriters.

For any other information please consider Gianni Rodo always at your disposal.
I look forward to get in touch with u.

Kind Regards

Gianni Rodo

0039 349 4291975