New Amazing Tecnology HD Audio

Radio Indie International Network is here!

Now you can listen to your music, your favorite artist through this amazing technology from quality sound incredible! 
watch the attached video! enjoy your music with Radio Indie International Network by Pioneer.

Pioneer's 2013-2017 line of AV receivers has a soft spot for music lovers. This year, our entire line of network connected receivers has a great feature that makes it easy to listen to music from all over the world. Built right into our networked receivers, starting with the VSX-823, is a feature called vTuner internet radio. 
vTuner has more than ten thousand radio stations from across the globe, and it makes it really easy to find your favorite music. 
For more information: www.pioneerelectronics.com

----> CLICK TO LISTEN LIVE (vTuner ) Check this link and type radio Indie International and make your choice.

----> CLICK TO LISTEN ( Radio Indie International Lounge Network ) Check this link and type radio Indie International Lounge and make your choice.