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We have started a new reserved project that will be available soon...thanks to the support of our partners all over the world and connected with our network, through our platform we can offer a new and valid support/help to the music of our artists and who will choose to take advantage of this opportunity; in fact every new release or new album will be included in our network and automatically through the new project called "Worldwide Premier" will be distributed through our partners...this with considerable benefits for the artists! Who are our partners? our partners are labels, record and distribution companies, management, etc. ... all these partners are affiliated with us and have been selected according to very specific criteria to which we have always been inspired since 2008 and this is a guarantee and peace of mind in the actions!
There is only one substantial difference that needs to be specified ... for artists in general will be activated the process of inclusion as "Worldwide Premiere", while for some of our artists who currently belong to a special list and who enjoy other additional services is provided the so called "Worldwide Premiere Membership", the only requirement that is required for both catogories is the "Exclusive" of the song or the new release.... we mean that each artist or group will have to offer us the Worldwide Premiere Membership for the new release... the Premiere Membership means that the song cannot be distributed to any radio station before it is sent to RIIN; then the day after the official release everyone will be free to distribute it in any place they want without any constraint from RIIN. For example, if the new release is scheduled for release on the 20th of the month.... then we will have the World Exclusive for that song that we will include in our playlist the day before or on the 19th with a daily rotation of every hour and for a week in total....or 21 radio passages in a week considering that our music broadcasting system currently uses the Random system and therefore the chances of being heard for each song can also increase considerably. We will start this promotional campaign for two weeks, one week before the new release and one week after the release... you can send us your information:

1) song in mp3 audio format 128 kbps
2) release date of the song or album
3) Biography of the artist or group
4) cover pic of the song or album
5. website, blog or other available internet link.

PS. this information is indispensable and obligatory ... in the absence of even one of these points leads to automatic exclusion from the project
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Release date January 16, 2021



Daniele Raro, artistically called Daniel Sax, was born in Palermo, an Italian city. At the age of twelve, Daniel Sax began his musical career in the large orchestra conducted by Maestro Salvatore Talluto who will take him to play pieces of jazz, light and classical music. From 1989 onwards his activity and musical quality grew to the point of taking him on Italian tours with various artists. He made his first television experiences on the Italian national television RAI, with some concerts, alongside great protagonists of Italian music, broadcast throughout the national and international territory. 

In 1998 he recorded his first album entitled "Daniel's Sexy Sax", in which he performed national and international covers with soprano, alto and tenor saxes. The album, produced on CD, was distributed in Italy and in many other countries such as Italy, the United States, Argentina, Chile, France, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Poland, Canada and the Japan. He immediately baptized the release of the album by participating as a guest at the 1998 Cantamare held in Palermo and broadcast on all Rai networks. 

In 1999 the album was presented at the Paris Disc Fair. Two pieces of the CD are inserted in a compilation on CD entitled "Sax Hit Parade" together with other saxophonists such as Jonnhy Sax and Gordon Ferguson, CD distributed throughout Europe. 

In the year 2000 he began his career in the discotheque, playing live house music alongside various national and international DJs. 

In 2001 he recorded his second album entitled "Daniel Sax" in which he performs songs of his composition. The same year he participated in the "Pegaso D’oro" event held in Acireale (Italy) in which he accompanied the Italian actor Alberto Sordi in his latest show filmed and broadcast by the national television network Rai Uno. 

In 2004 he made his first tour in New York where the newspapers Giornale di Sicilia, America Oggi, Repubblica and All Italy in the World were interested in him (US magazine), where he participated as a guest in the 26th edition of the Cantamare reserved for Italian Americans. In the same year he took part in the Columbus Day Parade by composing a soundtrack dedicated to this great day. Always in pop and jazz expression and house music, he performs in Malta in the years 2005 and 2006; some evenings are broadcast on Maltese television networks. 

September 2007 was a guest at the "Salento International Film Festival" which took place in Tricase (Italy) and played music of its composition including "Columbus Day" and "Amore Infinito". 

In January 2008 another tour in New York including the 30th edition of "Cantamare" where he is awarded "For his 25 years of musical career". November 2009 the song Columbus Day enters the compilation in an album called "THE MUSIC MESSENGER", used by the record label Semper and on sale in all international digital portals such as "Believe digital, iTunes, Amazon, Nokia music store, etc . 

In 2010 he collaborated with Niko Favata DJ with a song titled "So High". 

In 2012 record in another song of House music "Sax Beat" for Niko F and Mirko Paoloni. In 2013, among the many evenings held in Sicily and Calabria, he went to Switzerland for the first time to perform in a disco in Klingnau in the genre House music. 

In 2015 the record label "DANIEL SAX PRODUCTIONS" was born with which a series of singles was published on all international digital stores such as iTunes, Amazon, etc. Including "Sax Dance"! This music of its composition becomes the soundtrack of the Oltreoceano Festival Usa Inc which performs in New York. In addition, he publishes the album "Dance Party" where inside there are music danced in the smooth International. 

In 2016 he released the album "International Sax Vol.1" containing music of his composition, Italian and international pop music, smooth jazz. Some of the songs containing the album are: "Acqua e Sale by Mina and Adriano Celentano, Grande Amore by" Il Volo "and" Un Amore così Grande ". The latter, made famous by Mario Del Monaco and composed by Guido Maria Ferilli, made a statement on Eventinews24: "The warmth that from Sax enhances not only my music but also the text despite not being sung but only played and Daniel has perfectly given that sense of Love when I composed the Music and the Melody, sure that it reaches the Heart of All.

In the year 2017 he went to New York for the Oltreoceano Festival Usa Inc. playing live the theme song he composed. At the same time he recorded a music of his composition which has the title "Bossa De Verano". This music is arranged together with the pianist Leonardo Bartolone in which he expresses himself, all within the piece, with two suns. This song was born from the inspiration of the South American sounds, as regards Bossa Nova, to Smooth-jazz. and the influences that Daniel had from the music of the famous songwriter Pino Daniele. 

In 2018 he returns to New York for the Oltreoceano Festival Usa Inc. for which he prepares a tribute dedicated to Michael Jackson, obtaining the consent of many fans of the singer on the various Social Networks. In summer it is hosted by the event "The most beautiful of Sicily" for which it prepares a tribute to Whitney Houston. Tribute that will be heard in September for the 40th edition of Cantamare. 

In 2019 he released the single "Hello" by Lionel Ritchie on Itunes, Spotify, Amazon, Deezer and other international record portals, rearranged and interpreted with soprano and tenor sax. He collaborates with a Sky White, African DJ, for an afro - house music single with the name of Saxophone Salvagem. In the same year he travels to Manila (Philippine) twice to perform with several famous Filipino artists interpreting the homage to Michael Jackson and an original song of Filipino music that receives the consent of the Filipino public! 

In 2020 he released his first single of original Filipino music entitled "Mahal Ko or Mahal Ako in collaboration with pianist Riccardo Dalli Cardillo on Itunes, Spotify, Amazon, Deezer and other international record portals. In the same year he released a series of published and unreleased singles including his composition "Passion Of Heart" and an album titled "My Music vol.1" December 2020 releases the album “Exciting Moments” featuring Smooth Jazz, Chill-out and Lounge music. 

January 2021 the album “Exciting Moments” is presented on Radio Indie International Network.






Release date 8/3/2020

An Album that takes you into the space between thoughts and emotions. It is the appreciation of the present moment and accompanies you in a more intense experience of your vitality.
An album that plays for eternity. A work of poetry that captures the soul and activates powers of change. If you open yourself up to the energy of these sounds, you can experience how the magic of each melody works and guide you to a subtle change in your consciousness.
Liquid Gold - an album that can hardly be overcome in empathy, intensity and grace. The incomparable synthesis of calm and energy touches the soul from the first chord.


Liquid Gold - Sample


Relsease date  3/12/2021


About | Jimmy Lopez


Jimmy Lopez is from East Harlem, New York.
He is a Pianist, Guitarist, Composer, Arranger and Producer. His musical background is thick and varied with a wide range of styles and experience.
Jimmy is comfortable in any musical setting. His training and knowledge has found him in many different musical worlds as a player, composer arranger or producer.
Those worlds include Rock, R&B, Pop, R&B, Reggae, Hip Hop, Salsa, Smooth Jazz, Traditional Jazz and Latin / Jazz.

Jimmy has performed and arranged for many top artists in New York , Puerto Rico, Philadelphia and Miami.
He was on the arranging staff at Ellen Stewart's La Mama ETC Off Broadway theater club for 3 years where he arranged and performed for many plays and concerts.
Performing at all the major venues in New York , The Village Gate, Cafe Wha ( MacDougal Street, NY C ) , Bill Graham's Fillmore East, The Cheetah ,The Bottom Line, The Blue Note & The Cafe A GoGo.
Mr. Lopez has performed and produced artists like Saxophonist Tony
White (10,000 Maniacs Billy Preston) Flautist Art Webb (Ray Barreto) Percussionist Pablo Batista (Grover Washington Jr, Alicia Keys) and worked with Grammy Award winning producer David Ivory (The Roots) on many CD projects.
Together with veteran percussionist Edgardo Cintron and vocalist Rocco DePersia, Jimmy was the co-creator and founder for the 16 piece LatinSoul ensemble, Cintron.
For 12 years, he served as the keyboard player and musical director for the group and was key to the production, arranging and engineering of virtually all of the Cintron recordings of that time including iconic CDs
His string and horn arrangements together with his ability to seamlessly blend the Caribbean, Jazz and R&B influences inherent in Cintron’s music was obvious to all familiar with the group’s Latin/Soul sound .

In 2015 to co-wrote the ballad and create the video for ,
THIS SONG IS FOR MY BROTHER, a beautiful testament to his late friend and bandmate, Noel “Peachy”Cintron.
During the last decade he has been active in his studio producing and arranging numerous artists including Angela DePersia, Tony White, Bombplena ( Puerto Rico), and Arranger of Cintron's "Suavecito" that has gotten over 1.5 Million views on YouTube. JImmy’s YouTube Channel 
In Jimmy Lopez the music world has been fortunate to have within their ranks an accomplished musician and a talented producer/arranger/ engineer & writer with top level experience and talent across numerous musical genres - But one who never forgets his roots or the strong Latin influences that have so uniquely shaped his impressive career and life in music.

JImmy’s latest CD titled FINGERPRINT released on the GLOBAL SOUL RECORD LABEL features 10 original tunes by Mr. Lopez also features his long time friend, musical ally and label mate Tony White as his featured
Some of Jimmy’s performances include :
Cape May Jazz Festival
Bahamas Jazz festival
Bethlehem PA Jazz Fest
Puerto Rico Jazz Fest
Long Beach Jazz Festival
The Knitting Factory NYC
The Cutting Room NYC
Theatre of The Living Arts - Philadelphia PA
Chris's Jazz CAfe Philadelphia PA
The Viper Room-LA CA

Jimmy looks forward to continuing his musical journey and hopes to bring
his music to a world wide audience.

    Info & Contact Jimmy Lopez                     

    [email protected]

        JIMMY LOPEZ                                       TONY WHITE


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